I need to control 4 lights wirelessly, with one turning on randomly every 30 seconds

I am looking to have four lights wirelessly connected to arduino. I am going to use the arduino as I need to have code that will randomly turn one on every 30 seconds or so(it does not have to be exactly 30). They will be outside. I am looking to use RF transmitter as I believe that will be easiest. If I am using this, will I need an arduino at the receivers end. Or how do you think I could do this best.

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Welcome to the forums. Which Arduino? The Arduino Uno Rev 2 for example has WiFi capability or you can buy a shield to add wireless capability to other Arduino boards.

You don't mention distance including distance between the lights? What voltage and current are the lights? Turn one randomly on every 30 seconds for how long? What timing sequence for the lights?

Another possible option along the lines of what you mentioned is buy a wireless relay board and hack the push buttons on the key fob transmitter and let the digital outputs of your Arduino simulate key press. A Google of "wireless relay boards" should get you plenty of hits.

Less more information from you it's sort of difficult to suggest anything more.


I am open to using any arduino, though I was looking at the arduino info rev 2. The lights should be in a square shape with roughly 20 feet between them, though I would like to have as much distance as possible for flexibilities sake. After a light is randomly picked it should turn on for 10 seconds, delay 5, then go for 30 seconds, the times are variable depending on the final decision but this is the baseline. The light voltage I have yet to see, as this is a project in the early stages, but to give an idea, I would prefer one light to be a blue, one a yellow, one a green, and one a red Led.

As to the lights the voltage and current will need to be known so switching for the loads (lights) can be chosen.

arduino info rev 2

I assume you mean Arduino WiFi Rev 2? Nice feature is this board already has WiFi and Blue Tooth capability.

Your sequences will be determined by code you write.

If your lamps are low voltage and low current then another option as mentioned would be a wireless four channel relay board. Let the Arduino just bridge key fob presses. That should be an easy hack. If the lights are spaced you may want to go with four single channel relay cards, one located at each light.


ESP-NOW with ESP8266: Send Data to Multiple Boards (one-to-many) | Random Nerd Tutorials

That could also work well and the ESP 8266 modules are inexpensive.


And they're good for some amazing (to me) distance.

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