I need to film in near IR with an ESP32-CAM

This is for the laser tag project.

The problem with near-IR is that you can't see anything. The 940-980nm wavelength I'm working with is out of the range of human vision. I ordered an ESP32-CAM for my OctoPrint server last night and right after ordering it realized that I might be able to hack it or use a different camera module for near-IR filming so I could see things like light diffusion and where the laser is pointing.

Has anyone had success with this? If not, how would I film in near-IR? All of the resources I can find are about IR photography, which I'm not interested in.

Most ESP32-CAM's have a infrared filter under the lens. People have been successful in removing that lens, look it up on the internet. While searching on how to remove the filter for the ESP32CAM I ran across infrared options.

For me I and my application I used several 8X8 thermal sensors and machine learning to detect particular targets.

I found a few resources where people are successful in just cutting open the camera and popping the filter out.

Most solid state cameras are "somewhat sensitive" to near IR, even with their filters. (point your TV remote at your phone camera sometime...)
They'd probably be a lot more sensitive with the filter removed.

The various day/night "security cameras" probably don't have IR filters (the ones with IR LEDs providing "illumination" - might be more robust than an ESP32cam (if slightly more expensive.)

I've already tried this. Unfortunately my iPhone 7 seems to totally ignore the signals from an IR remote.

Also I'll look into security cameras, but I think for this project I just need something I can view the IR light with for a temporary time. I don't need anything nice.

A AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera might be of interest or not.

Looks nice, but expensive.

"Thermal IR" and "Near IR" are at opposite ends of the IR spectrum.

I'm aware of that. I was just remarking on the price.

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