I need to stylish modules for arduino

I'm looking for stylish modules for arduino.For example, fire module, gas sensor,alarm.
Modules should be cheap and wireless.mayme from aliexpress.com

try aliexpress.com they are pretty cheap.

Or you could try aliexpress.com.

Should I buy any wireless module?

Should I buy any wireless module?

If you buy a sensor that sends wirelessly, then you should buy a matching receiver at the same time, if it's not provided with the sensor.

Otherwise, you could buy wired sensors, connect an Arduino or other microcontroller to read them, then use separate RF transmitters and receiver(s) to wirelessly send the data to the 'master' Arduino.

You need to work out what sensors etc you'll be using, then design a system that does what you want with them.
So far, your questions have been too broad to give a specific answer.