I need to use Serial 1 on the mega. Is it slower than the standard port?


I need to be able to connect to the Arduino Mega using the USB cable and I also want to use Bluetooth. I cannot have these connected at the same time, unless you have a way to do it?

Is the sending of data just as efficient (time to scan the processor) as the standard Serial port?

The only way it would be slower than Serial would be if you program a slower baud rate.

Sounds like a connection/software problem. Post your code and a drawing/picture of how it’s all connected.

Thanks for the quick reply.

It is more a concept issue I was thinking might catch me out and hence I might need to be aware of.

I am unsure of the actual architecture and I feared some weird gotcha like - oh yeah the Serial1 port takes a few micro seconds longer to process or it requires an interrupt.

Hopefully it behaves identically to the standard port.

All the serial ports on the Mega are the same. RTFM

The only difference is that on the Arduino Serial connects to the PC via the TTL-USB converter and the USB cable.


Thanks heaps.

Worth trying. :slight_smile: