I/O Expander Shield from Cutedigi.com


I'm using the I/O Expander shield from cutedigi.com (http://store.cutedigi.com/i-o-expander-shield-for-arduino-pcduino/). It shows additional pins on the digital side of the Arduino. If no code is uploaded to the Arduino, the pins DA7 and DA6 can be turned ON and OFF by the DIP 4 and 3 switches. The pin DA5 is always high. The rest of the pins are low. When trying to program it, enabling the additional pins, using the DB# and DA# pins, it shows that the variable was not declared.

Ex: void setup() { pinMode(B2, OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(B2, HIGH); }

When using the DA7 to DA0 pins, it allows you to compile and upload the code, however the pins are not enabled as expected.

Any help will be appreciated.


Any help will be appreciated.

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