I/O Expansion Shield v7 pin and interface function

Hi, I am connecting Wifi Bee v1.0 to I/O Expansion Shield v7 and Arduino Uno in order to make a Wireless Sensor Network where I can put multiple sensors in one device. I got a problem where I couldn't find the line between Wifi Bee v1.0 and I/O Exp v7 connection. What I really need is some interface details of IO Exp like the picture below (XBee Carrier interface function) :

Since there is info about the pin definition of Wifi Bee v1.0 :

I will know where I can connect my sensor to, that picture shows that if I put the sensor to I2C port on XBee Carrier then I have to use pin 19 in Arduino IDE.

But there is only this picture and I don't understand what pin should I use :

There is 2 port I2Cs, 6 Analogs, and 12 Digitals (CMIIW) and I don't know where each of those port connected to which Wifi Bee pin. So, can someone help me with this? I hope you get what's my point. Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.