I/O Shield vma05

I cant read a tempsensor on the digital input on Velleman I/O shield vma05/ka05.
When I demount the I/O shield and connect sensor direct on UNO it works great.

Which sensor? Connected to what on the Uno? Connected to what on the shield?

You might find an explanation in the schematic in the vma05 user manual.

I have an DS18B20 connected to one of the digital input on the I/O shield but the only data output that I can read is -127.00 from that input pin.
Digitalinput 1 on the i/O shield seems to be input 2 on the Arduino Uno.

DI 1 is indeed D2 of the Arduino.

Below is just a guess.

There are active components on the shield; for the digital inputs, a LED and a diode. Those might interfere with the correct working of the DS18B20; I suggest that you try one of the analogue pins (and adjust your sketch accordingly).

Now I have tried the analog inputs also....seems not still work!

It was worth a try. No other solutions except for hacking the shield and removing the protection

The inputs on that shield are connected to +5V through a 470Ω resistor and LED, the equivalent resistance being around 760Ω, to pull the OneWire bus LOW, the DS18B20 would have to sink more than 6mA, don't think so. :confused: