I really need help programming this project for school!


My name is Tomás and I am currently having problems with programming my arduino project, which consists of a C02 sensor that transfers the message to a SD card. I don't know anything about programming and code language or anything of that sort, if you could help me write a code so that my project could be a success I would be very grateful.

Specs: Arduino UNO with CO2 sensor +MG811 and a Micro SD Module V1.0 and I am using jumper cables

Ps: if anyone is interested, this is just a part of my actual project, in which I will have to filter the CO2 out of the air using a chemical reaction consisting of H2O + Sodium Hydroxide and a fan that will transform the water into bubbles of air.

anyways, thank you very much if you have helped in any sort of way!



Hi, welcome to the forum.

Finding good examples is also a skill :wink:
For example Adafruit has the best tutorials for the sensors that they sell.

Do you think that the MG811 detects CO2 ? Have you read the datasheet ? Do you have 6V available ?
The Arduino Uno is a 5V Arduino board, and a SD memory card uses 3.3V signals. Those can not be connected just like that.
Can you tell what you have and how you are going to connect it ? You can give links to where you bought them and a drawing of the wiring and perhaps a photo of your project.

There are others that have chemical knowledge. I hope they can say something about your project. Is the result of your filter dry air with CO2 ?

Hello Tomás. Welcome to the Arduino forum. How did you happen to find the forum?
Can your tell us what problems you are having and what you have tried? Have you worked through any of the many examples of programs that come with the Arduino IDE?
Are you using a PC with the IDE and a real Arduino? What are you using to power the Arduino and the sensor?
Good luck,

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