I renamed my library - and I think it broke something


I'm new to the forum, so hopefully I've found the right place to ask this question....

Yesterday I used the automated library-registry tool to submit my first library - I2CHelper.
Originally, the library.properties file had:
name=I2C Helper
... but the lint system that ran on upload warned that spaces were not good (along with some other warnings).
After the upload succeeded, I updated the name to remove the space. Since then I've made a number new releases but Library Manager is not detecting them.
Has changing the name broken something?
I've done a lot of searching but not found anything in the docs that mention this.


Hi @basirk. The situation is explained here:

The Library Manager indexer job will reject any releases which aren't compliant with all the requirements.

You can check the indexer logs for information about what happened.

One of the requirements for a new release of a library to be added to the Library Manager index is:

The name property in library.properties must not have changed from the value it had when the library was submitted.

You can see this was mentioned in the library's dedicated logs web page:

2021/08/09 21:00:04 Checking out tag: 1.0.4
2021/08/09 21:00:04 Release I2CHelper:1.0.4 has wrong library name, should be I2C Helper
2021/08/09 21:00:04 Checking out tag: v1.0.1
2021/08/09 21:00:04 Release I2CHelper:1.0.1 has wrong library name, should be I2C Helper
2021/08/09 21:00:04 Checking out tag: v1.0.2
2021/08/09 21:00:04 Release I2CHelper:1.0.2 has wrong library name, should be I2C Helper
2021/08/09 21:00:04 Checking out tag: v1.0.3
2021/08/09 21:00:04 Release I2CHelper:1.0.3 has wrong library name, should be I2C Helper

The reason for this requirement is that the library name is its sole unique identifier in the Library Manager system. This is used in a library's metadata to specify a dependency on another library. For example:

depends=I2C Helper

and in command line operations. For example:

arduino-cli lib install "I2C Helper"

So changing a library name can cause disruption for the people relying on that identifier. However, since your library has not been in Library Manager very long, it's unlikely anyone will be dependent on the "I2C Helper" identifier, meaning that changing the name would be unlikely to cause any disruptions.

If you would like to request the name be changed, you can follow the instructions here:

Many thanks for the explanation and links @pert !

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