I scared myself on facebook

Somebody said go look at the ARduino facebook page it is quite lively.

New motto "don't trust a dev"

Only took me a few minutes to see why so many people blow up things and THEN come into the forum to see if we have any spare magic smoke to lend them.

One line answers such as "Sure you can hook up a board directly to a 12 volt battery" (paraphrased)

I wont spoil it too much for you but needless to say I scuttled back here before I caught any bad habits...

FB Arduino NOT for the faint of heart or those who want to kill people before breakfast (blowing things up excluded)

They used to allow people to make "visitor posts" on the Arduino business page and it was 100 times as bad as that group. I tried to help a few people but between the massive number of spammers, the stupidity of the Facebook platform, and the usual difficulties involved in helping panicked beginners I quickly saw it wasn't worth the effort. I think it was a good move for Arduino to disable that feature. Hopefully it pushes people to find the forum instead.

I think this is the last resort for a lot of them.

Social media seems to have the upper hand in the popularity contest and forums as we have seen are just too much work for a lot of people.

Saw a couple of very brave people trying quite hard on a lot of topics with quite good answers but seemed to be overwhelmed by the many who seem to be throwing anything up in the air to see what sticks.

The language differences is something to behold but oddly enough appears to work well.

Dont know why but overall I am reminded of a rugby scrum with occasional adverts thrown in for good measure.

If it was analysed I am sure there would be some good points and suggestions to bring to the forum.
But of course that would mean a major overhaul and fixing things and people from Arduino talking to people in here too. So I guess that would be a pipe dream. :wink:

Jeez, what a train wreck!
I didn't know it even existed.

@ AWOL...Sorry to have messed with your mind on that one :wink:

One user is literally trolling that page for customers with support issues.
Spammer in training maybe.

Methinks that anyone coming in here from that FB page should be placed in a holding cage until we reach a deal on a price.

The easy problems I see with the FB approach over there.

  1. No moderators (or if there are they are on permanent tea break)
  2. NO sticky leading to here.
  3. Not even the most basic of rule sets.
  4. Any suggestion / fix is viable and worth a try and nobody seems to step in and correct.
  5. No STICKY link to the Arduino shop as I am sure they would pull some sales from the pooched hardware aspect.

I am very certain there are also a lot more things that would benefit Arduino itself if it had some minimum requirements


Seems that it is a "FAKE" arduino page As I was told this morning.

IMHO that just makes it worse.

What do you mean by fake? That is a Facebook Group. Groups are kind of like Facebook's version of a forum. Anyone can create one and then people can join the group and post to it or comment on other people's posts. That group is not officially sanctioned by Arduino but I don't think that makes it fake as it doesn't claim to be. I'm not sure whether there are issues with using a trademark for the group name.

Arduino does have an official business page:

Here's an example of a fake Arduino Facebook page:

Sorry Pert...Used the term pretty loosely.