I think I burned out my USB chip...

Hi Folks,

I'm new, I've had my Arduino Diecimila for several months and have been using it happily, but this morning something strange happened, and unfortunately I think I've burned out the FTDI chip on it. At first I was having problems uploading sketches... then I unplugged it, plugged it back into my USB port, and nothing. No power or anything. The board does take power into the Vin and Gnd, but nothing from USB.

And yes, the power select jumper is properly set.

Is there any hope? Is my beloved Arduino destined for the garbage can? I've had a blast with it, and I'd hate for it to go that way...

Any help is much appreciated.

Assuming it's only the USB chip, you could probably still program it with a FTDI cable. $20 or so.

And/or mount the board in some permanent-ish non-usb project, buy another arduino, save the program to the new board, swap chips?

Does he arduino still run the last program you uploaded?

I'm guessing you managed to corrupt the bootloader - nothing to unusual, but doesn't often happen. I'd definitely try re-flashing the bootlader before giving it up.

Thanks Trialex, instead of buying a new board, I gambled and bought an ISP. flashing the Arduino was cake and I'm up and running again.