I think i damaged my arduino? [Solved]

My Arduino is not working as it should.

Firstly im total beginner with this. I started with some playing with LEDs and all went fine. Then i decided i will try to turn off and on LED with help of button. I had circuit with 1 LED, 1 button, 1 200 ohm resistor connected to ground and pin 7 and then i connected 3rd leg of a button with pin 2.

I know i should check beforehand and i saw after that i should use the 10k ohm resistor?

But as i disconected pin 2 from arduino it accidentaly touched one of the 6 metal pins near reset button (i circled which ones in image) and a sound came from my PC (like something was plugged in or out) and since then when i try to upload something it says: Problem uploading to a board.

I probably fried something or what?

Any help would be appreciated.

you should not connect or reconnect things on powered board or circuit.
it still doensn't work when you unplugged and plugged it back? are you on Windows or Linux? on Linux the port can change after replugging

I'm using Windows. I tried reconnecting and everything it didnt work, but now i restarted my PC and used other USB port and its working normally.

Thanks for quick reply. This can be now closed or deleted.

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