I think I Fried My Uno R3 - Help?

I think I may have fried my Arduino Uno R3. I have been messing around with transistors and I think at one point I ran about 16V through the board by accident. This happened a few days ago and I hadn't touched the board since. Today I was going to run some code and experiments that I learned today in class, but Windows (8.1 and Technical Preview) won't recognize the board. When I plug the board in, Windows does not make an insertion noise, a loop-back test doesn't work, the board isn't in Device Manager at all (not even under unknown devices). The 'L' and "ON" LEDs light up but don't flash at all like normal. I've done some Google searching but didn't find anything that really matched my situation. Is it fried? If you need more info, let me know. :slight_smile: Also, the center of my ATMEGA gets a bit warm, warmer than normal, right in the middle. Could I have just fried the AtMega?

Which microcontroller gets hot ? The 328 or the little SMD one ? Which method were you using to power it when the accident happened ? And , have you tried to compile some code with the IDE (is there any error ?)