I think I fried something.....

Ok, so I am a very tech minded person, and therefore I respect what hardware I have managed to accumulate for my arduino-ing needs. I dug an IR receiver out of a DVD player, and it worked fine in a couple of test projects I did. It could turn on and off LED and stuff like that, returning 0 to serial port when it got signal, and 1 when there was no signal. Once I was making a project and I tried to make the code so the program didn't really start until I hit the remote.

I noticed a little problem in the wiring, and it is possible that the receiver may have been shorted or connected improperly at some point. Now when I try to use the receiver, I get about 30 "1"s and then (for no apparent reason) about that many "0"s. I don't want to buy another one really, if this one can be salvaged that is.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what may have happened? I'm just trying to be sure before I chunk it :)

Here is the quick code I typed up (I know you probably don't need this but I'll put it here for reference)

any help appreciated :)

int ir = 2;

void setup()
  pinMode(ir, INPUT);

void loop()