I think i killed my arduino...Help

So i made a trashcan with a sensor and a servo motor that opens the lid automaticly.It would keep crashing and I thought it was because of a weak 9V battery i bought for it with an adapter.So I got an power adapter to plug in my outlet.It was/still is 12V 1Amp and i read on other forums that 1 Amp is enough.I plug it in, it starts working for a second then it shuts down.I smell a burning smell on my servo and my board.I tried to use the battery again and it wont turn on,i tried usb on my PC and it wont turn on.Idk how or even if i can fix it, and idk if my servo is dead.Pls help.

If you connect 12V to the wrong pins of the Arduino, you will more than likely have blown it up.

Draw a wiring diagram or proper schematic how everything is connected. Post it here; a photo of it is ok.

Please post a link to the servo.