I think that my bridge isn't working.


First of all, I have launched the ‘Yun-yaler’ and ‘YunDiskSpaceExpander’ sketches.
Neither of both sketches has worked.

I think that my bridge isn’t working.

However, the ‘cpu-mcu-bridge’ package is included among the list of installed packages of my Yun and I have already rebooted my Yun and restarted the init-script ‘boot’ in the ‘start-up’ part.

This package permits to ensure the commuication between the Linux side and Arduino side.

I see this package in the ‘System > Software’ part on the adminnistration panel of my Yun.

Do you have some ideas?

Kind regards,

In fact, I have removed the ‘python-mini’ package and this change has also removed the ‘python’ and ‘cpu-mcu-bridge’ packages.

I have done this for getting more spaces on the Yun’s disk space.

Now, I have installed back these packages and the ‘python’ package doesn’t display among the list of installed packages.

It’s weird.

Then, I launched the ‘yunYaler’ sketch and it’s working.

I think that my bridge is working now.

I have also rebooted the system, reset the Arduino side and reset the Linux side.

I hope to extand the Yun’s disk space. :slight_smile: