I think the problem is the bootloader..

sup, i was using my new arduino uno normally when i had this error uploading code.

it was after i change a servo towerpro SG90 for a MG995, maybe it was too much for the board?
if it was, how can i know it before break the board the next time?

thank you guys :smiley:

If pc recognices board, it is not broken.
This problem (not in synch) has many possible causes, mosy common are:

  1. Corrupt bootloader. Sol: burn bootloadet again
  2. Wrong board chosen on ide. Sol: choose the correct board from the list of boards.
  3. Something connected to rx and tx pins.
  4. Too much load on arduino (happened to me). Sol: disconnect all an upload.

2: its correctly selected
3: nope they r empty
4: its have just a led connected
so that left us with the 1:bootloader, so i will see what i find about it in internet.
could break by overload? i mean if i connect for example 12 servo SG90 and and some / relays sensors?
how can a bootloader break just from plug in a se MG995? cuz it stop working ok after that...
thank you for your answer!? :smiley:

edit: Upgrading the Arduino Uno 8U2 using Fli | Andrew's Memory Blog
it seems easy but i can't doit! im stuck in the steep 5

it always come back to the known usb device and flip don't recognize it

edit2: nope it seems like i can't do it.