I think this is correct . plz correct me im new

can some one plz loock into this. ill be extreme happy.
1)what are the characteristic of peripherals on the atmega 16
and what part is not peripherals.

2)what is the deffinition of a predefined task, on embeed 1 and 0 level.

3)is it correct that boot loader is uploaded whit a kind of data stream that dont
get stored
but it fills up the top flash memory with data containers. defineed by adresses, as far
as the program counter can count. can it be corupted. whit picing wrong mcu model. due wrong adress
range fetch.

4)how does the instruction in flash, memory flow out, to the general purpose register,
what part of it, the top 16 to 32 or under 16.

if true = does it depend on what instruction.
false =is it like defoult steep on the mcu. or am i totally lost :slight_smile:

conclusion..we some time read or here, first
steep always the same. you know what i mean proberly so on

  1. tinking about instructions formats from general
    purpose register.

are you expecting anyone here to do your homework?

how is that a programming question?
how does it relate to Arduino?

J-M-L)Jackson hello..atmega 16 architecture is what arduino runs on.. i wrote it. this tread is for those arduiono rechersers who want to understand why stuff do as it do...not any one else...not requesting or expecting any thing. was planing to make a tread. yes i wil tell you how it relates. to arduino.hope this tread can clear up some backward enginering mcu related stuff. this is assemby and it relates to arduino in all mather. the editor has a library stdio.h i think. standard input output, and on some other lines library whit information about the micro controller architecture, so the stdio.h can iteract whit for example a brand new architecture. all that is needed is just a library, that is written by a person who understand c language and the architecture on that mcu. the library instruct the assebler a litle different on each architecture. in order to get a output that makes sence. to program. so what i wrote is the different parts in the microcontrollers.

srry for not making very clear what it was about. totally new and lost hope this can help others as weel. plz only comment if you have a understanding of assembly and that.

Ok i’ll leave this thread for those researchers then. I hope they will find something that make sense to them.