I think this is the right forum (bluetooth module)

I’ve been wanting to get into using bluetooth with arduino for a while now. I just couldn’t force myself to pay that much for them though. I’m looking at trying around $15 for the arduino and bluetooth module kind of cheap. So, I found this module on deal extreme that’s only $6.60 USD( http://www.dealextreme.com/p/wireless-bluetooth-rs232-ttl-transceiver-module-80711 ). Dang good price for a bluetooth module from what I’ve seen out there. Only semi-issue is it’s slave only, but that’s not too much of a biggie for me.

Anyway, I’ve never worked with arduino and bluetooth before. Is it really as simple as hooking up the tx/rx of the module to the tx/rx of the arduino? That just seems a bit simple. My first little invention I’d like to do is make a simple bluetooth controller for an android device. I am guessing it can be fairly simple as just emulating a keyboard, though I’d like to have support for analog as well. Any ideas on this also? How would I go about getting it to show up as either a keyboard or joystick/gamepad?

Thanks for any help/insight you can give! ( I swear I start way to many projects.)

I am using those cheap BT modules. The modules may have different firmwares, though. Mine is master/slave, up to 1.38Mbit serial. You must read the datasheet with commands and settings. How it works: when purchased, the uart transparent mode is usually set to ie. 9600baud, 8n1. BT module can operate in 2 modes - "AT" mode and the transparent uart. The setup of the uart params is done in the AT mode (usualy connected with 38kbaud). So you have to switch to AT mode, power on and set required baudrate, password, name, etc., via a connected terminal (signals: rx, tx, gnd, 3.3V). Then switch back to transparent mode and run as a normal uart. Mind: the arduino uart settings, BT uart settings and PC or adroid uart settings must be the same.