I thought this was interesting AVR's at DemoScene


Thank you for the link. Very cool stuff an it’s even open source.

Yeah, the craft demo (and his other works, like the SID emulator) really show off what is possible to do with humble microcontrollers, and tight code. The key is, though, the tight code; demoscene coding is a whole 'nother world in itself. Some of the old-school stuff from waaay back in the day on the Amiga was amazing; the PC side of things was pretty cool, too (especially the parallel port sound systems, if you didn’t have a soundcard on your 386). C=64 demos; same thing.

Today’s demoscene is still thriving, but I haven’t looked at anything of late that’s come out. I do remember seeing a demo many years ago (around the year 2000) that was done as a 4k compo that was a complete first-person shooter game with procedural-rendered graphics, levels, textures, and sounds that was utterly amazing! I also remember a very interesting 3D tunnel object intro that was done in 256 bytes.

These guys really know their stuff. At one time, one demo group out there was designing their own video card and working to get it to silicon, but the project died out quickly. I tend to wonder what’s going on now, but there isn’t as much demoscene stuff in the Linux arena, sadly…


we are actually thinning out a little fast, and one of the biggest parties is calling it quits this year

(heh listen to me, “we”, I have only worked on 2 demos back in highschool and released a very chitty one for unlocked PSP phats)

also check out his other work, like Phasor by lft :: pouët.net

Before the Amiga, generating 256 colours on an 8 bit Atari by adjusting the display during VBI was fun, I wrote a TSR before I even knew they existed! Pop up disassembler coded in data statements with no assembler, lol didnt I get lazy after that!