I wanna hack an IR temp gun to read on an ipad, using ardunio

hey guys, I have a fairly simple idea for a build
everyday I have to walkthrough my building and datalog the temperature of various areas. I have a IR temp gun and thought how easy it would be to just walk through and use that scan, and record to the ipad / notes or what ever

looking for ideas about how to build'
any ideas would be awesome

Take a photo of the gun's LCD with your iPad.

Seriously, how do you think anyone can give good advice if they don't know what gun you have?

Lacking that information: buy a gun or sensor with RS232 output. They're easy to connect to an Arduino.

well thats no fun.

well thats no fun.

Then maybe you could do it wearing a clown's outfit

You could put this Infrared Thermometer - MLX90614 - SEN-09570 - SparkFun Electronics in the barrel of a 3d printed 44 Magnum, with a pro micro and bluetooth in the grip. That would be fun. Just be sure the barrel is orange, so security doesn't shoot you. That wouldn't be fun.