I want make a audio mixer help

Hello friends help me to make a audio mixer.


Here's a few links: 1 2 3

I want make mixer with arduino

The arduino isn't a good enough adc to be a one channel mixer, much less multichannels. You also do not have a real DAC output, you might need to go to due.

Although I don't know anything about your requirements, I'd suggest is building a digitally controlled analog mixer.

A purely digital mixer will require an ADC on each input, a DAC for each output (if it's stereo or otherwise has multiple outputs) and probably a DSP chip. Just the fact that you are posting a basic question here seems to indicate you're not ready for a big project like that...

I'd start with an op-amp based summing amplifier (easy to build). Then as a prototype/breadboard version add some pots to the inputs for individual channel-control.

When that's working and you are getting "clean sound" through, etc., you can replace the regular pots with digital pots (and control those pots with the Arduino).

But... Do you have a good reason for going digital? Do you have an application where an analog mixer isn't appropriate?

What kind of features do you need? What about the user interface?