I want my Arduino UNO to read data from a .txt file

Hi, I'm doing a GUI (windows forms) in visual studio and I want to load a .txt file (that part is already done) and when pressing a button, send the txt file data to be displayed on the Arduino IDE serial monitor. And depending on the txt file content, the arduino has to turn a led or a motor.
Is that possible? Someone knows how to? Thanks

The Arduino needs to be running a program that will accept data from the serial port and carry out the appropriate commands. It has been done many times; here is an example: Simple Arduino command line interpreter ยท GitHub

The forum hosts a "Serial Input Basics" tutorial that may be helpful.

+1 for the serial input basics tutorial.

If you use the Robin2's tutorial, the text will be in the form of a string (null terminated character array) so you would use the string search and compare functions to find matches that could actuate the LED or, later, the motor.

If you want more help, post your best attempt at the code, a description of what the code actually does and how that differs from what you want.

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