I want to built a multirotor drone on arduino ... need guidence

Hi all,

I would like to built a multirotor based on arduino platform which allows me to control it using any android device .. I want to use this drone for video capturing if I can control the camera then it will be great..
I would like to know how can I built this and are this all resources available in India ..

Hi rajatgaikwad

The resources should be available in India but if note Ebay does ship to India , well the bigger cities anyway.
the minimum amount of hardware that you will need to control the quad is the following.

Micro controller . ( Pro mini)
3 axil accelormeter
and a Wifi shield that can act as a AP. so your phone can connect to it.

this was a good example of one DIY Arduino Pro Mini Quadcopter | Hackaday .

good luck with your project !