I want to connect i2C display that does not have shield, how do I do that?

Hello all, I have a small project that I want to use this screen for:

The issue is that I do not know how to connect it, previously I have only used displays I bought off Adafruit or SparkFun, they already had been placed on a board and had library, but this display I am not sure how to connect and how to send text.graphics to it, can you please push me in right direction?


Since you say this display has I2C, then you download the manual and read how to program it using I2C.


As ieee488 say. RTFM.

Hit: page 4 of datasheet.

Yes, there is a specsheet and seem to be alot of info in there what bit goes where but I am new to this stuff, and trying to evaluate if I will ever be able to figure it out, I was wondering maybe there is a standard that all i2C displays follow and it is a matter of taking existing library and a bit re-tailoring it. But so far it seems that I have to develop something completely custom. How hard is it? Can you point me to some reading about it?

How hard is it? Can you point me to some reading about it?


New Hit:

Page 9 of datasheet "ST7528", so google " ST7528 arduino "

Now you got connections, LCD type, you should be able to get it working.