I want to control DC Motor by using Humidity sensor like(SHT11)

i want to control Dc motor by using 4x humidity Sensors , motor on if at least 1 humidity less than 90%.

and if all sensors are > 90% , Motor will stop.

if 1st & 2nd sensors are >90% ,led 1 ON . if 3rd & 4th Sensors are >90 , led2 ON.

if all Sensors >90 , Motor OFF.

my question is how can i code more than one sensor in same project?

i can code only one sensor in same project, but how can i code more than one in same project?

Thank you for reading, please feel free to add your thoughts.

Cool...... What's the question?

If you're having trouble getting your code to cause the correct behaviour, post it here and say what's right and wrong with the behaviour. (Or post code and compile errors if it's not compiling.)

If you're having trouble with the circuit design, post it here and ask for comments and suggestions.

Do you have sample code for that sensor?

Edit: Adafruit have a library for that SHT11; have you tried it?