i want to design an OBD II device

Arduino uno at 328 motherboard with UART chipset for ELM 327
GPS chipset based on Arduino shield for GPS Tracker – internal Ceramic Antenna with button cell to maintain Last AGPS location
GSM based on GSM SIM 900 Arduino shield with Airtel GPRS only micro sim with 2 year data subscription with limit of 15 GB in 2 years
Local Data Storage with 2GB SD Card on board with Arduino Storage Shield
3 Axis Accelerometer Board
Battery backup with only Ignition off alerts
Bluetooth 2.0 radio shield for Arduino

is the above possible.
i know there is a uno motherboard and a GSM shield.
but i couldnt find GPT tracker shield, BT shield or data storage shield or accelerometer board
can anyone help?

What is OBD II ?


What is OBD II ?

On Board Diagnostics II - a standard for vehicles to connect to, monitor, and (in some cases) modify the settings on the EMC (engine management computer) and other controllers/sensors on the vehicle.

Commonly used to diagnose faults, monitor various sensors, and gather other data about the vehicle.

OP looks like they want to package such a device to take those readings, then relay the data to some central place using cell phone data (?).

What I don't understand is why they are going this difficult route, instead of just using one of the commonly available bluetooth OBD II dongles and a cell phone to gather up and send the data; for that matter - the Torque app for Android already does everything they are trying to do.

Unless this is a study project (to learn how to integrate and use all of the various tech mentioned) - I can't see this being any better than existing solutions (but then again, there's always room to try I guess).

OBD II On-board diagnostics (OBD) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability.

GPS tracker shield, GPS is a module

BT shield BT also a module

data storage shield you can search as SD card module

accelerometer board most common is MPU-6050

Thanks @cr0sh and @BillHo. What you suggested is what I had myself assumed.

But as I could not reconcile that with the OPs Post I decided it may be wise to ask him.


This would make it easy for you. It has almost everything you want.

Thanks Spegs! That's an excellent kit. I'm going to have to get one for myself.