I want to do a speaker, to create a cymascope with arduino, and do pattent

I'm doing my code, find some libraries that I thought, I can use.......

Do this http://www.buildcircuit.com/yet-another-simple-amplifier-for-your-arduino-and-music-projects/

What does “do a speaker” mean? If you want to connect a speaker to your Arduino you can build or buy an amplifier or you can use powered (amplified) computer speakers.


I am doing a cymascope, need to add a microphone, the speaker, and something to can reproduce or play music.

I have been looking in the internet, found something but for SD card, and well, is not precisely what I wanted to find.

Grumpy Mike

Thank you, but I´'m still thinking in how to use a microphone, and the mediaplayer for reproducing music throught the speaker; that page is good to do a speaker with a circuit....

Still not clear on what you want. Do you want to implement Dolby surround sound? If so then an Arduino is not the platform for you. The input from a microphone will only produce telephone like quality.

Can you be more specific please.

I can see a cymascope on the web (is it useful, or simply a gimmick?) but I’d like to know what you mean by “pattent”.

Do you perhaps mean that the microphone is to be input to drive a cymascope (pattern generator) and the speaker is so you can hear the sound that the cymascope is reacting to ?