I want to interface with the Visual Studio DexDrive

I want to interface DexDrive Explorer to control the device.

I have open.

The original is this Explorer 2.0.

Here is a source code control in C DexDrive Linux, but do not quite understand. I want to pass it on to Visual C #.

As shown in the protocol indicated below.

I tried to ignore this part in Visual C #.


For all commands specifying a (16-bit) frame number, and are,
respectively, its least and most significant bytes. Make sure to pay close
attention to the order, as it varies between commands.

Note that the Nintendo 64 DexDrive will get stuck if it is sent an
incomplete command. At that point, the only solution is to unplug it
completely, and plug it back (power first, then serial).

0x00 INIT

Args: <17 bytes>
Reply: ID

Initializes the DexDrive; see the POUTING section below.

The contents of the 17 bytes does not appear to have any significance,
except for determining the contents of the “weird” byte in the ID reply.
See the WEIRD FORMULA section below for more details.

InterAct’s DexPlorer software uses the following hard-coded string:

10 29 23 be 84 e1 6c d6 ae 52 90 49 f1 f1 bb e9 eb

Send these 17 bytes but nothing happens.

        private void button6_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            byte[] mBuffer = new byte[17];
            mBuffer[0] = 0x10;
            mBuffer[1] = 0x29;
            mBuffer[2] = 0x23;
            mBuffer[3] = 0xBE;
            mBuffer[4] = 0x84;
            mBuffer[5] = 0xE1;
            mBuffer[6] = 0x6C;
            mBuffer[7] = 0xD6;
            mBuffer[8] = 0xAE;
            mBuffer[9] = 0x52;
            mBuffer[10] = 0x90;
            mBuffer[11] = 0x49;
            mBuffer[12] = 0xF1;
            mBuffer[13] = 0xF1;
            mBuffer[14] = 0xBB;
            mBuffer[15] = 0xE9;
            mBuffer[16] = 0xEB;
            serialPort1.Write(mBuffer, 0, mBuffer.Length);

How many works DexDrive baud serial port?

They can help in this project to create an interface with Visual C #.

When you have the interface made with Visual C #, I’ll start with Arduino, LCD and micro SD card.


When you have an Arduino that needs to do something, come on back. Meanwhile, you don't have an Arduino question.


First control this device with Visual C #, when you get and understand how dicah interface is handled, I will use Arduino and a 16x2 LCD module to store data in a micro-sd card.