I want to make a temperature logger that...

I want to make a temperature logger that takes a sample of the current outside temperature and logs it in an sd card. I have done both of those things. The problem that I have is that I want to run this for a year. Can I use arduino for this? Is there going to be any clock issues? What problems will I face and how do I fix them?

Yes its protected. It samples every hour. I need help with the timing. Fairly accurate. Im using utility mains. What kind of sd card should i use(amount of memory)?

For your removable backing strore, you might want to consider the VDIP1 module: It lets you plug thumbdrives in, and talk to them with ASCII strings. (See...


If you already have an Arduino, use Sparkfun's Openlog: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9530 I have one and I love it. It works great. You just feed it ASCII and it will store it on a microSD card.

Okay, the project is still under work, but here you have some code. I measure a lot of parameters, and just not only temperature, but i save the results into a microSD card.


At the time of this post i hade 1 temperature sensor Ds18B20, 1 temperature/relative humidity sensor SH15, one LDR and two home made devices (a disdrometer and a soil moisture sensor), and a led to know that the device is alive and measuring. It use also a microSD to save the data, and a ds1307 RTC to know the real time. I donĀ“t remember if the code was ready to measure ones per hour or less since i was checking the code... I powered it with a solar panel and 6 rechargable 1.5 bateries. However i have an strong problem of power since the solar panel is not enough to charge the bateries and they dead every four days... I am still working on that to made a solar panel regulator or to use a ds1337 RTC what allow alarm and send the arduino to sleep in order to reduce so much the consume or power.

In any case, in the post you have a lot of code to explore! Let me know if you need help. Cheers,