I want to make arduino Mega compitable board named "EDUINO" for educationl need

Dear Sir/Madam

I want to make Arduino Mega compitable board and the name will be EDUINO for educational activity and educational purpose.

After making this board i will giveit to the student of my university to play arround it. In addition it will have a on board Bluetooth 2.0 module for wireless connectivity.

What should i have to do?
Should I go for License?
If yes then how i can get it?


I Thank you for your kind help and suggestion.

But I am still confused that how can i licenses my “Eduino” board in India.

Just don't use the Arduino name or logos on your board or in the marketing and you don't need to license it.

It is possible to sell boards derived from the Arduino design as long as these rules are followed

  • The product can't contain the name Arduino
  • The board can't have Arduino written anywhere on it
  • The board must not copy the Arduino Logo or graphic design
  • The auction/website title can't use the Arduino name
  • You can write in the description that the board is derived from Arduino.
  • You must explicitly say that you're not connected to Arduino and your product is a derivative
  • You must specify that any tech support request must be directed to you

If you do want to use the Arduino name or logos then you will need to pay Arduino for the use of their trademarks. The will also need to determine if your product is something they want their name on. The cheaper/easier option is the "Arduino At Heart" program. You can find more information on it here: