I want to make my friend a laugh track for xmas.

I'm not sure this is where this should go. basically i want to make my friend his own personal laugh track. hes known for telling the most retarded, groaner style puns/jokes imaginable, so i want him to be able to push a button, so at least hell hear someone laugh at them. if it could have multiple options, like maybe one button does a chuckle, one does an uproar, one does more like "badum chhhh".

I haven't worked out the specifics yet, but Ive briefly looked into arduino stuff before, and it seemed like it wouldn't be too hard to pull this off using this system. i have some programming skills, couple years in high school classes, not much, but enough that i can usually figure out, or look up what i don't already know. i also have some soldering experience. i don't know how to lay out all the components where they need to go, but i know how to attach them. again, just a class in high school, but i can usually scrape by.

so what I'm hoping is that someone can recommend a board/kit i could look at that should be able to handle this project. needs to be hand held size, other than that i don't really know how to define what i would need from the board itself. and hopefully some help with figuring out how to lay out all the circuitry.

thanks for any advice you can offer.

Check this site out:

An Arduino with a shield with a SD card with music (or laugh track) files on it would be a good starting point. Attach some switches that make the Arduino play specific files and you’re done.