I want to make serial communication between arduino uno and pc which having linux os .is it possible?

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I want to take data serially and send to arduinoc uno and then serially to pc. if I use arduino uno and pc which having linux Os . the serial communication between them is possible or not?

Yes it is possible, you need to connect the two together using a USB lead.

If the third device is already outputting serial, I assume there is a reason you want to put an Arduino in the middle before that data goes on to the linux machine…?

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sir beacuse the device only run on window xp. and I want in linux.

What is the device? If Linux cant see the existing serial communications I am not sure a small arduino will…

The device ‘runs on its own’… it talks via serial to some mysterious Windows XP application.

Now you need to find or develop a linux version of that app…

The serial connection is simply a wire between the two devices. Not much use putting an Arduino in the middle if you haven’t already got linux talking to the device.

okay sir . the device has aslo usb port but its only support window xp. but my os is linux

I was connect usb cable between hommel tester and pc but the device only support to window xp .

What is one of these if not a misspelling of the word home made?

You seem to be reluctant or unable to supply any real details.

sir its hommel tester w55.(Buy HOMMEL TESTER W55 production JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany | Sale in Ukraine)

While the data sheet says the transfer is in ASCII, nowhere does it mention that it is by serial transfer.

If it doesn’t show up as a com port when connected to a PC running any OS then it is not a serial USB interface. And therefore you have little chance of running it from Linux without a lot of reverse engineering.

okay sir. can I use serial communication ?.taking data serially and sending to pc serially using arduino

Yes, the Arduino will show up in the Com port list.
However taking in serial form some other source will require you to use either an Arduino with more than one serial port or it will require you to use the software serial library.

It’d if that serial data pin in RS232 hardware format it will need hardware to convert it into TTL serial.

Not true! I run the IDE on a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB with Debian variant Raspbian.
My backup board is my RPi 3B+ I got JUST to make sure I could run the IDE.

Arduino IDE comes in Linux if you like Serial Monitor.

But you can also open a terminal console and set up comms. Hang on, I'll dig in my notes. I have examples of using cursor control on ANSI terminals, on Winblows one might use Hyperterm.

What is not true?
I agree with everything else you said.

I replied to KD2000, post has a symbol, an icon and a name.
"sir beacuse the device only run on window xp. and I want in linux."

Not true!

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Clarification: not true that the IDE can't run on Linux, it can.

Steps to set up and run an ANSI terminal window on Linux:

The interface you are going to run ('cu') is so simple that every keypress will be sent to the serial device without echo, and every char sent by Arduino will be sent to your screen. There is no chance to stop 'cu', only by killing the Terminal window you are running.

Type in the terminal:

$ cu -l /dev/<device> -s <speed>

In my case:

 $ cu -l /dev/ttyACM0 -s 115200

All done!

If 'cu' is not installed, type in the Terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install cu

That's all folks! 9-jun-2011 - by The Dare Guy (http://twitter.com/thedareguy)

I used the Arduino IDE to know what port the board was on.

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