ı want to mesure 10 metr

hi everyone ,
ı want to mesure 8 metr or 10 metr bu ı find out hc-sr04 and ı read the decument about 04.they say ''hc-04 mesures 400cm.do you know different ecipment to mesure 8-10 metr for arduino???

The LidarLite V3 measures up to 40 meters or something ridiculous like that. It talks over I2C, so its really easy to use with Arduino.

thank you.perfect answer.

do you know other alternatif to use because lidar lite good but expensive...

Nope, this is the only option I know of for distance sensing a such a long range.

You can still go with ultrasonic: http://www.maxbotix.com/Ultrasonic_Sensors/MB1261.htm, but the laser range finder might be a more reliable option depending on your environment or required time of measuring.