I want to question about the traffic lights

I use max7219 display 7 segment led.( max7219 scan 8digit), but my code display 8 digit for 8 7-segment led common display. And now I want to display to digit 4-7 different digit 0-3, can you help me the problem?

void ledxanh1(int n) {

for (int t=n;t>=0; t--){

// int tenths; // int secones;

tenths=t%10; // Again divide by 10 and calculate the remainder secones=t/10%10; lc.setDigit(0, 0, tenths, false); lc.setDigit(0, 1, secones, true); lc.setDigit(0, 2, tenths, false); lc.setDigit(0, 3, secones, true); lc.setDigit(0, 4, tenths, false); lc.setDigit(0, 5, secones, true); lc.setDigit(0, 6, tenths, false); lc.setDigit(0, 7, secones, true);

if (tenths==n%10&&secones==n/10%10) { digitalWrite(LEDxanh,HIGH); digitalWrite(LEDdo,LOW);


delay (flashDelay);

} }

I want to question about the traffic lights

What does your incomplete code and question have to do with traffic lights?

Perhaps the fine folks at http://snippets-r-us.com could help you with your snippet.