I want to replace orginal dc motors on the arduino motor board.

Hi Everyone,

I have a arduino robot. There are two dc motor on the board and its working to 5v. It's not enough for me right now so ı want to replace dc motors with 12v.

How can ı replace to dc motors on the arduino robot shield ? I think I need to buy external power shield for this so embedded motor shield just give 5v output.

I need your idea for this. How can ı resolve this problem ?


Arduino robot;

First off. Replacing the motors with "12V motors" doesn't mean it will go faster or have more torque.

You need to find out what the specs of the genuine 5V-motors are and find some others that suit your needs (speed/torque-wise)

// Per.

Hi zapro,
We want to change whell and dc motors on the arduino robot boards because we are making new robot platforms and this robot will cary 20 kg load and it will move in the house. Therefore we need a more powerfull dc motors.

Our planing robot platforms is as below;


I think the cup holder is missing. :roll_eyes:

Then ditch the Arduino robot and start from scratch. The other solution of refitting bigger motors won't get you what you want.

// Per.

You'll need new motor drivers if you go to a much heavier machine anyway, have you figured out
the power and torque you'll need? Start from the wheels backwards, not the motor forwards.