I want to take data from one device using usb and send to pc . which arduino board I should prefer?

hello sir/mam,
I am beginner i don't have good knowledge about arduino . I want take data from one device using usb port and send that data to pc . which arduino i should prefer? and how the communication between them will be possible?

What is the device ?

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That is resistance measuring device . device name bk precision.

is it a Serial device? what interface/protocol is needed to read from that device?

Do yourself a favour and please read How to get the best out of this forum and provide necessary documentation of your ask (clickable links go a long way in getting help...).

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yes sir serial port is also available . and have different interface such as rs232,ethernet,Can bus, 2x usb.
thank you giving me information about How to get the best out of this forum.

Which one is it ?
This one ? https://www.bkprecision.com/products/component-testers/2840-dc-resistance-meter.html

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So decide which interface you want to use (what are the pros and cons of each interface in terms of performance, reliability, .complexity to develop etc)

If you go for Serial, then having an Arduino with 2 Hardware Serial ports will be more effective for example
if you go for ethernet or CAN bus, you'll need to be able to support that on the Arduino you pick .

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yes sir .this the device.
not only that device i have also different measurement devices from which i want to take data.

yes sir I decided which interface i should use .i will use usb /enthernet interface.

so what's the communication link Ethernet or USB ? it's not the same...

Set them in USB virtual COM mode. Connect them all to the computer, use a USB hub if you need to, and run a script on the computer that collects the data. That is in my opinion by far the best solution.

Yes, not sure what the Arduino is used for.

sir, I will prefer USB

thank you sir . is it applicable for hommel tester aslo. can i take data to pc directly by hommel tester connecting usb? or arduino required ??

if you were posting links to the actual products, that would be easier... Have you looked at the documentation? what does it say?

the specs are light...

have you plugged the USB link to a computer to see if you get any data in a terminal ?

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no sir , don't have device in my hand i am working from home .

You need to find a technical documentation describing the data format and protocol on the various output ports

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I was also do simulation for serial communication it was completed . but now they required usb/ethernet

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