I want to use Arduino with race games [HELP]

Hi guys. I play Need for Speed Carbon. It's a race game. In game, there are speed meter, gear indicator etc.

I want to see my speed and gear at my LCD (16x2). How can i take data of speed and gear, and how can i see them at my LCD?

If i can't do that, my gears (1-6) are being chosen by keys (q-w-e-r-t-y). I want to do: When i press q (gear 1), "1" shape is being appeared on display and when i press w, "2" shape is being appeared...

How can i do that? One of my friend said that i can do it with Arduino Leonardo.

Please help me,

NOTE: I can't speak English well. So, maybe there are grammatical errors.

Is there an api to get those values from the game? Most games do not provide such a facility. Research the game and see if there’s a way to get that data out - thats the first step.

I tried to research but nobody helped me to get data. Everyone thinks i am a hacker. So, i think, i can not get the level of speed and gear. And so, i want to: When i press "q", LCD or display writes "1". With this way, i don't need data. Can i do that?