I will design your shield for FREE

I’m looking to hone my board design skills. So this is an offer to design some shields or other small boards for Arduino folks for free. I can create the schematic if it’s not too difficult or you can provide a schematic and I’ll lay out the board for you. I’ll provide you with the Eagle/Gerber files that you can submit to a PCB fab house. I ask in return for you to let me credit my work within the design (a marking on the board that we agree is acceptable), and use and/or modify for my own use (not to sell).

I’m using the free edition of Eagle, so associated limitations apply.

There probably should also be some sort of Open Source, GNU or legal clause in here but I’m not the best with legal stuff. I really don’t care how you use the design I provide since I am using this to learn on, as long as you don’t remove the markings that credit my work.

I’m sure I’m not covering a lot of details, so if you’re interested, please ask questions up front and I’ll clarify as we go.