I will pay a code

I will buy the code for the Arduino program. I want to read 5 pieces of airpressure sensor. and there are 8 relays. all monitored and controlled via the Bluetooth Android app. let me know I will pay

Which sensors? which arduino? whhich relais? which budget?

For analog and digital pin
Air pressure sensor 5pcs.
Digital pin 8 .
Control by phhone.
Budget waiting from us

This is not very enlightening. What should be done with what hardware for what budget?

Can you describe in words - what your project is and what is going to do ?
Do you have a photo of any existing equipment that relates to this project?
Can you draw a clear diagram of what you're thinking that you need ?

Then **repost ** your question with the information included - photos in-line etc.
Any code should be inserted as </> - an in-line code box (not attached unless completely necessary)