I wish that there is Ruggeduino Mega.

I wish that there is Ruggeduino Mega. I have a project that requires an Arduino Mega.

What are you looking for that ruggeduino has in particular?

I need I/O Pin Protection that the Ruggeduino board has. The regular Arduino boards don't have it.

Not sure if this is helpful, but the IO protection on the ruggeduino is simply a 24V 220 ohm PTC thermistor (PN PRG18BB221MB1RB)

This should be an equivalent through-hole part:

Get a prototyping shield for the mega board, and then wire in a bunch of 150-330ohm
series-Rs on the I/O lines, and tie these to male header pins, etc, for connection to
external devices.

Hey! Now there is a MEGA Ruggeduino: