i would like to use register to write and read sketch

in fact i'm reading atmega2560 data sheet and i found a way to send data using registry; i'm trying to send a string in to serial but it is sending only the 2 first char and doesn't take any other char.

Please feel free to fill in any details that you think we may find useful, like your code. Or like what a "registry" is in this context.

What @AWOL says.

And you might get some ideas from Serial Input Basics


have a look this is what i’m talking about…
i know about allt the serial function bout i wanna do something more like this…


Based on this thread and your other thread ( http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=468184.0 ) you seem to need to learn some basic Arduino skills before considering improving your skills by direct register manipulation.

Image from Reply #3 so we don’t have to download it. See this Image Guide


PS. You need to learn more about How to use the Forum also. Don’t post images of text - it is unreadable. Copy and paste the text. Or refer to the paragraph in the datasheet.


have a look this is what i’m talking about…

I’m not going to spend 17 minutes watching some video just so you don’t have to explain your problem.