I2C ADC in through-hole package?

Hello all,

Looking for an I2C analog to digital IC, would prefer one in a through-hole package, or at worst, an easy to solder (by hand, for beginners) SMT package. Only need one or two channels, don't have a huge preference for resolution, sampling rate, etc. - the application is not demanding at all.

I've checked a few suppliers and googled and nothing is coming up. Anyone know of such a chip?

This one should be available almost everywhere: Philips PCF8591


Not sure why the I2C requirement, but if you can relax it and use SPI, the Microchip MCP3202/3204/3208 family work fine for me, are available in DIP, and there’s working code to be had.


wayoda, thanks, somehow I'd missed that chip. It's a little "bigger" (4 channels) than I need but that's OK.

Now if only someone had a library for it already!

kg, it's somewhat personal preference, and also heavily influenced by the fact that I have many other I2C devices in this project (so adding another has little or no software or hardware overhead) and I'm using the default SPI pins for other things.

Please find the attachment, I am also trying to make my own board.

MCP3204 -- DIP

If you can reply to my question in forum it will be helpful to me.

I need library for DB9 male connector which can fit to my board.

I am new to forum so dont know how to attach file, you send me mail to my iD i will f/w you the library.