i2c Analyzer rental or borrowing

Does any one know where/if I can rent an I2C analyzer from?

I bought the Hobbylab, USB oscilloscope but it doesn’t appear to be able to handle 400kHz I2C data all that well.
Or if you know of some place that has them cheaper then $300?

There are a few on the market for $300 - $400 but that is just a little out of my price range.


Will this work for you? you can buy it for $49.00. I have two of them at work, no one has written I2C sniffer code for it that I know of yet but it works for many common tasks in the lab.

the PICkit Serial Analyzer from Microchip



I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too difficult to build from a serperate arduino. You could use it to monitor the bus via digital inputs and send the data to the PC via serial, then write a program in processing to graph it or even convert it to say when a start, stop, ack, nack, and byte “xxxxxxxx” are transimitted over the bus.