I2C + Arduino Mega 2560 + 240x64LCD

Hi there.

I have a question regarding my datalogger project.

The project consists of 2 x arduino Mega 2560 and 1 x 240x64 Graphical LCD.

One arduino mega is used for all my datalogger gear. 8 temp sensors, 4 pressure sensors and 2 RPM sensors.

The other arduino Mega is used for making a user LCD interface, where different temps, pressures and are showed. (USING I2C)

The reason why i used 2 arduinos instead of just one, is that the LCD screen is pretty slow, and the arduino don't support scheduler.h as the arduino due, so i need to arduinos to make both.

My question then is, can I connect all 3 on the I2C communication line, i know that i can use different addresses, but can i send the analogReads from the datalogger arduino to the arduino used for the LCD display, and then put the recieved data on the LCD display?

best regards Bastian Gaardahl