I2c between arduino boards forrobot

Hi there.

I'm programming an arduino robot and since I want to connect two arduino boards together, I'm using i2c connection.
The master board is supposed to send a signal to the slave that has to be read once.
I don't know why but it works only when the begin and end transmission is in the loop function.. but not in the setup

OK, thanks for letting us know.

Is there a way to send a signal only once?

Yes, absolutely.

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You can keep track in loop() if you have done an action and if not do the action and if yes, don't do the action.

You might want to try delaying a bit before sending the signal in setup. If you are powering on the master and slave at the same time, the slave may need a bit more time to get through its own setup before being ready to receive I2C signals.

Without seeing your code, the only person who knows is you. See why we need to see your code?

But why on earth would you want to do that? :roll_eyes:

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