i2c BlinkM problems

I’m trying to run a simple code that sets the blinkm to a certain color. I connected the blinkm directly to the arduino analog pins. ie 5,4 for i2c and 3,2 for power. After uploading the code The blinkm runs through its default setting over and over. ie white,red,green,blue,off. I have try’ed this with three different blinkms. Any ideas?
This is my test code.

#include <Wire.h>
void setup() {
  pinMode(16, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(17, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(16, LOW);
  digitalWrite(17, HIGH);

void loop() {

Did you try putting the i2c things after i2c.begin() in the loop, or adding a delay? What about using the standard 5v and gnd pins for testing purposes rather than the 2 and 3?

Did you try this library?http://todbot.com/blinkm/example_code/BlinkMTester/BlinkM_funcs.h

I would recommend using the blinkM sequencer and communicator stuff first to check if that works.

If that works fine then it will be a code issue.

Simply put: - It would be best to use the BlinkM library. - You have to tell the BlinkM to STOP running its current script before you can issue other commands.