I2C bus Connection


I have a quick question

I am looking at a Sensor that outputs a 24Bit digital signal and I am wondering if it would work with an Arduino. I know the Arduino is a 8 bit microprocessor and Idk if it would be compatible with a 24bit I2C.

here is the data sheet for the sensor, if the link doesn't work, the part# is MS5837-30BA:


I appreciate any input. Mostly looking for a yes/no, but any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Without looking at the datasheet, I2C just transfers bytes. So you will basically received 3 bytes and you need to recombine them into a 24 bit variable (32 bit will do as well as 24 bit types are scarce, just set the most significant byte to 0).

You must just check the endianness; you might receive the low byte first (read the datasheet) and when placing that in a 32 bit variable in the arduino, it might have to be placed in the high byte.