I2C bus

Hi, I am using the i2c bus with arduino. The problem is that the device I am using is 8 bits and the arduino Wire library is 7 bits. Is there any way to change the arduino Wire library to 8 bits?

Please provide some detail on your 8 bit device. The I2C address protocol if for 7 and 10 bit addresses.

Some slave device vendors specify the 8-bit I2C addresses in their documentation. In fact they specify the entire address byte (I2C address + direction bit). You need to discard the least significant bit and shift this byte right to obtain the real 7-bit I2C address.

Some of the detail is covered here: http://www.totalphase.com/support/articles/200349176-7-bit-8-bit-and-10-bit-I2C-Slave-Addressing

Hi, I am using a M24SR64 antenna. I am aware that when you are using 7 bits addressing you drop the LSB. The problem is how am I supposed to write 0xA2 using 7 bits?
Information about de M24SR64 antenna is on the attached file, thank you

DM00067892.pdf (2.45 MB)

In the data sheet Section 7.8 and Table 67 it indicates that the device address is ob1010110 (86). You can also try it with an I2C scanner, and see if that is what shows up.

See http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/I2cScanner or find Nick Gammon's I2C scanner.