I2C comunication

Hi to everyone!!! I had start to work with I2C comunication between Arduinos and it looks relly good and easy to make same simple projects..

Now I want to make I2C communication between arduino and an xmega microcontroller.. I don't now if it's possible???..

I want to read three registers from xmega, with arduino as master and xmega as slave.. the address from xmega registers are 0x11 , 0x21, 0x31...

The addresses for read xamega is 0xC1 and write with this address 0xC0.. I tried to do this project with Wire library but I didn't find the way to make it work..

Could anyone tell me if that is possible?? if yes, could you suggest me what to do!!!

(Im new in C++ programming)


Kind regards!!

Now I want to make I2C communication between arduino and an xmega microcontroller

Well, you know that the Arduino can send and receive. The xmega thing is NOT an Arduino, and programming it is not a topic for discussion here.

Sorry! I didn't know that..

Im new in this forum..

Where is the right place?

Where is the right place?

On the xmega controller forum.

The xmega is already programmed..

I need to programm arduino to read from xmega and to write to xmega..

I read "Wire" library and it works well with arduino to arduino communication..I don't know if it's possible for arduino and a different microcontroller..

You already had answers here, and still you went ahead and posted the exact same question in a different section?